iThreat Fusion Center

Bringing Together All Your Data Into A Single, Easy To Use Interface.

Designed by Analysts for Analysts

iThreat Fusion Center (iFC) is a data-agnostic platform designed to fuse all subscribed data sources together in a single, customizable, easy-to-use interface for efficient consumption and mining. It grants users the ability to quickly spot trends, search across all sources, identify important information, and respond to events before they become a concern. No need to search through emails, search through folders of saved reports, or visit multiple websites. These features create an opportunity to quickly turn data into actionable intelligence. Data is consumed in widgets which are defined by the user, who chooses what data appears in what widget; everything from RSS feeds, to Twitter feeds, to emailed updates from your intelligence providers, and more.

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Information Fusion

Your operation subscribes to numerous data sources, from daily news summaries to real-time notifications and social media mentions to RSS feeds. Regardless of the content or format, iFC combines everything into a single interface for your consumption.

Find Quickly, Act Faster

iThreat Fusion Center is supported by its own fully-featured search engine. All of your incoming and archived data can be searched quickly and efficiently using state of the art techniques.

Configurable Dashboard

iFC provides numerous ways for you to view your data, including heat maps, time lines, news feeds, word clouds, and much more so you can identify what is most important to you at that moment.

Your Data, Your Way
with many custom components

You see the data you want how you want it from the firehose of sources available to you.

Fully responsive

Designed to gracefully work on mobile devices so that your data is available anywhere you need it.

Heat Map

Display activity and potential trouble spots around the world based on your incoming data stream.


Diverse Input Sources

iThreat Fusion Center can handle many different input sources such as PDF files, email, web pages, Word files, spreadsheets, social media postings, analyst reports and more.

Archived Data

All data received in the iThreat Fusion Center is archived and available for searching at any time.

About Us

iThreat Cyber Group has been analyzing and investigating Internet threats since 1997. As a premier Internet private investigation firm, we have assisted companies of all sizes address their cyber concerns, ranging from data breaches to anonymous emails to due diligence and more. In collaboration with some of our closest clients and our own internal need for a solution to manage all the data sources we work with, we developed iThreat Fusion Center.

Intelligence Analysts

We employ and collaborated with a number of private sector, law enforcement, and military intelligence analysts to create a platform that helps each complete their mission.

Threat Analysts

ith nearly 20 years of monitoring and investigating threats, iFC provides cutting edge data in real time so no threat goes unnoticed.

Technology Wizards

Our technology department has been creating big data solutions that solve real world problems over 15 years.

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